Sakamoto Ryuichi leads the Yuanyin online concert, 9 musicians relay across time and space

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Sakamoto Ryuichi leads the “Yuanyin” online concert, 9 musicians relay across time and space
Sauna, Yewang learned from UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, as one of the online projects planned by UCCA at a special time, on the evening of February 29th, UCCA will invite 9 people from all over the world with the theme of “good music”Musicians: Feng Mengbo, Xia Yuyan, Huang Jin, “Two Rooms and One Hall” Pang Kuan (Beijing), Zhang Meng (Shanghai), Feng Hao (Hefei), Liu Yucao and Guo Yazhi (Boston), and Sakamoto Ryuichi (New York), through the fast hand platform to present a cross-space relay concert to the audience.Sakamoto Ryuichi.Photograph by Zakkubalan is understood to be the theme of the concert “good music”, in which the traditional Chinese characters of music (le) and medicine (medicine) are homologous, with five tones and five flavors. When the invisible pain needs to be cured, the end of the languageThis is where music appears.The main purpose of the concert is to eliminate the region, time and space restrictions, and change the traditional way of viewing art, so that the audience can continue to pay attention to and approach art in this special period.From Ryuichi Sakamoto born in 1952 to Liu Yucao born in 1995, from Feng Mengbo, a pioneer of Chinese multimedia art to Guo Yazhi, a suona god who lives in the United States, 9 musicians will start a diverse music through music relayDialogue brings an unknown and open “cloud music” appreciation experience for viewers.Sakamoto Ryuichi Air Force didn’t know 8 Chinese musicians, and some Chinese musicians had never met each other, completely met and talked with music.”Two rooms and one hall” Pang Kuan.It is reported that this concert is based on the recent presentation of UCCA, and the exhibition and performance project-“Yuanyin” suspended due to the epidemic was born. Artist Qin Siyuan’s “Yuanyin” art project was organized by Zhang Xiaozhou, the owner of the modern sky BADHEAD labelCo-curated by UCCA Deputy Curator You Yang, the project invited 39 musicians to perform a solo relay in the Suzhou Garden of Beijing He Art Center, Feng Mengbo, Xia Yuyan, Liu Yucao, Huang Jin, Zhang Meng, Feng HaoAre 6 of them.Performance sequence Session 1: Feng Hao (electric guitar) Session 2: Xia Yuyan (Pipa) Session 3: Feng Mengbo, “Two Rooms and One Hall” Pang Kuan (Synthesizer) Session 4: Sakamoto Ryuichi (Synthesizer, Piano, Electronics) SessionFive: Zhang Meng (Sheng, Xun) Session 6: Liu Yucao, Guo Yazhi (Electric Guitar, Suona, Percussion Instruments) Session 7: Huang Jin (Synthesizer, Electronic Drum) Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Xianni proofreading Wu Xingfa