What help do you need,You just say,You are a good material,I am for smart people,And someone who is willing to talk,I have always rewarded,Your position is almost reached,So this is the money。

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As for shares,I also told you directly,This is inconvenient for you,Otherwise, you might be killed,You got it。
Qin Feng also looked at Yun Xiang with a serious face and said,He really didn’t expect this guy to be such a powerful existence。
You know he just wanted to get people out before,Who would have thought that this could also be used as a divorce plan and marketing tool。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter nine hundred and twenty seven A broad-minded person
of course,Qin Feng is also a broad-minded person,He won’t be stingy,But he also has to clarify some things。
Yunxiang did not expect,I just suggest it,As a result, there are so many rewards,This incident also surprised him very much。
“boss,Is this too much??I just do things according to my duty,This one……”
Yunxiang really didn’t expect,I said that I still have money,So he also feels a little scared。
“Do things well in your job,this is necessary,But doing things very well in my job,This is the reward,Whether it’s you,Or the people below are like this,It’s not that I don’t treat money as money,I am also a person like this,So I know better than anyone,Not rewarded for doing things,That is tossing,No one will be willing to work hard in the future。”
Qin Feng also said something very meaningful,He also knows what the situation is now。
Yunxiang also understands Qin Feng’s thoughts,This is a daughter to buy bones。
at this moment,Yunxiang also had to admire Qin Feng。
Although Qin Feng’s methods are very rough,But he really wants the clubhouse,This method comes directly。
As for what Qin Feng said,He never doubted。