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Chapter Thirty Seven Babata
Dididi~”A sound came from the auxiliary optical brain。
“Ok?”Li Ming’s face changed slightly,He was right before1No. Auxiliary Optical Brain has been set,Unless there is a particularly urgent matter,Otherwise all block,To avoid him chasing Thunder Dragon King。
If there is any information,Must be a very urgent matter。
“Do you want to kill that Thunder Dragon??ComeXD5.XFS1”This coordinate comes,I can help you!”
This information changed Li Ming’s face。
This endless message,The marked information is not in your address book。
Notice,This1The technology of No. Light Brain comes from the line of Meteorite,It’s not hackable by earth’s technology。And now this message,It is logically impossible to send in。
Li Ming thought quickly,Can send a message like this,Either it has more than the technological means contained in the auxiliary optical brain,For example, from a powerful force in the universe,Then it can easily break the system to convey information。Either,From the line of Meteorite。even though9The intelligence in the ruins of ancient civilization said that Meteor Star has been unable to contact,But it’s not possible that there are still strong men in the line of Meteorite Star remaining,If the position and authority in the Meteorite line is higher than his core apprentice,Then naturally you can send messages forcibly。
But no matter what,Can do this,It’s definitely not something that Li Ming and even humans can resist!And the other party doesn’t seem to be malicious。。。Of course, it may be maliciously hidden deeply,Anyway,Li Ming feels he must go。
Looking at the Thunder Dragon Emperor who flees around the coast of Australia in front,Li Ming spit bitterly,Turn the direction and fly towards the outback of Australia。
“1number,Help me determine the direction。”Li Ming ordered。
“Yes,the host。”
About ten minutes later,Li Ming stopped above an inland lake。
“It’s here?”
“the host,It’s about 15,000 meters underground at this location。”
“Ok!”Li Ming controls Dun Tiansuo,The shape of a mountain cone quickly digs the ground,At the same time the body quickly rushed into the excavated cave。