Old people exercise joints can often kick the scorpion

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Old people exercise joints can often kick the scorpion

Ms. Wang from Jinan, Shandong Province, is 60 years old and looks energetic and energetic.

She has been sticking to the scorpion for 4 years, and now there is nothing wrong with her joints.

After retirement, she went to the Hero Mountain for a walk every day.

Occasionally, she saw a group of old people playing around with a donkey, laughing and joking.

After that, she also began to try to kick the scorpion, and even some people volunteered to join.

Slowly, more and more “friends” have become a scorpion team.

  Ms. Wang said that kicking the shuttlecock is simple but challenging. Everyone is surrounded by one or two laps and they are kicking each other.

Kick, kick, kick and kick. a lot of tricks.

In addition to kicking the scorpion, everyone will talk to each other and have fun, and will greet each other during the festival, and “friends” become friends.

  Although small, it is extremely physical.

With the rise and fall of the scorpion, the legs are lifted and lifted, and the front and back are reclined. The whole process will move to the joints of the buttocks, knees, etc., which can enhance the strength of the muscles and the flexibility of the corresponding joints.

The upper limbs swing rhythmically, exercise the shoulders, buttocks muscles, and also have an intervention effect on the frozen shoulder.

Several people kicked the scorpion and called “walking scorpion”, which is a crowd movement that prompts harmony and cross, can bring laughter to people, and the mood of depression is swept away.

  Old people with bad joints should not try, do not do difficult exercises, avoid injuries.