Poor sleep is a young killer

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Poor sleep is a “young killer”

Insufficient long-term sleep can disrupt the biological clock, causing endocrine disorders, and finally leading to insomnia, abnormal body metabolism, and easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  According to relevant research, lack of sleep can affect skin health, make people become stupid and fat, and reduce human immunity, triggering up to 84 diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It is the “invisible killer” of human life and health.
  In addition to health, sleep also has a great impact on learning. Xiao Chen often feels tired eyes, headaches and headaches. It is difficult to concentrate on class. “Sometimes I feel that my brain can’t turn around or I feel that I have a little root string.”
”一次考试前她熬夜看书,考试时感觉大脑像“短路”了一样,考试时还差点睡着了,结果考得很糟糕,她后悔地说道:“这样‘废寝忘食’要不得,考前‘抱佛脚’It’s better to have a good night’s sleep.
Professor Wang Haiyan, a psychological counselor at the Hubei Provincial Mental Health Center, analyzed that poor sleep can lead to neurasthenia, abnormal emotions, overreaction, and some strange ideas, and more serious suicide and other extreme behaviors.