at last,After a long wait,There was a mess of footsteps outside the meeting room。

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“It’s here!what,What the hell place?Tattered!Still a smell,So bad。”
“The poor unit of the sports association is like this,How about Zhu Shao give them some help someday,It’s good to improve the environment。”
“Praise your mom!Laozi’s money is not money?This ghost place,So bad,Don’t want to stay here at all。”
This group of people have not entered the meeting room,Tucao came in first,Jiang Jinghong frowned。
The first to push in was a muscular man,Careless,An overbearing appearance,Still squinting at people,As if the king of heaven is the first,He is second。
After this strong man in an Armani hoodie pushed in,Immediately put your body against the door,Then bow slightly,Respectfully invite the people behind to come in。
Then came a young man with a round face,Tall,Slender,Wearing a suit from the famous European brand Zegna,I wear shiny alligator shoes on my feet,If it weren’t for that round face, it looks a bit mediocre,Destroyed the overall handsome,Otherwise, I really look like a movie star。
If the strong man who entered the door just now has a temperament that has become habitual and domineering,Then the one who came in,His face is full of arrogance,Those squinting eyes,As if telling everyone,I am rich,Very powerful,You better not provoke me。
When Jiang Jinghong saw this round-faced youth,Frowning deeper。
The round-faced youth saw Jiang Jinghong,Stride forward immediately,Reach out,First revealed the shiny Jiang’s Constantin luxury watch on the wrist and shook it twice,Then pretended to be surprised:“Hong Xiaomei,Why are you here?”
Hear“Hong Xiaomei”This is the name,Coupled with this face knowingly asking,Look so fake that it can’t be fake,Almost everyone present was taken aback,Then there was an impulse to laugh。
Jiang Jinghong turned his face to one side with anger,Rolled his eyes,I don’t want to talk to this person at all。