Although he didn’t give Chen Geng a positive answer,But Nobuhiko Kawamoto stayed,After learning that Chen Geng will participate in both the mass-produced car modification car race and the self-made car race,Nobuhiko Kawamoto made a request to Chen Geng:I hope to see their Corvette that is being modifiedC3。

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Know that modified CorvetteC3The level of technology reflected directly determines the support of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. for itself,And Nobuhiko Kawamoto is also a great technologist,Just can communicate,Chen Geng agreed very simply,Not only did I take Kawamoto Nobuhiko to watch the Corvette in the state of chassis modificationC3,Also took him to watch the one that already has60%Complete“big-block”496engine。
“Zhe Xi!”Looking at the displacement of this machine in front of you9.2Rising behemoth,Nobuhiko Kawamoto’s eyes are staring,For Nobuhiko Kawamoto, who was born in a small country with extremely poor resources,This bigV8The engine is simply unimaginable。
Chen Geng is also frank:“The weight of this engine is too heavy,Many design serious processes,For example, the thickness of the shell is serious,We are going to polish off the shell next2Mm。”Speaking of here,Chen Geng shrugged:“We don’t have this‘big-block’496Raw data,Consider reliability,2Millimeter is a safer value——in fact3mmCan also,But there is too little time for us to fully test,We can’t take this risk。”
Watching“big-block”496The engine is enough3.5Cm thick shell,Nobuhiko Kawamoto nodded repeatedly:“Yes Yes,This is indeed a great waste,And it greatly increases the weight of the engine itself,For racing cars where every gram of weight is extremely important,Except you Americans,No one would choose such a heavy engine。”
Chen Geng pouted:“This is American car culture,Without considering fuel consumption,This huge displacement engine has a thrilling industrial beauty……Mr. Kawamoto,please follow me,Here is the five-speed competitive sequential gearbox I designed,This gearbox will not only be used for this one“big-block”496On the engine,Its gear design will also be transplanted to YonataiV12On the gearbox with the engine……”
Visit in a circle,Nobuhiko Kawamoto feels that he has been subverted。
He didn’t think much of the grass team of Fernandez.,I heard that Fernandez is preparing to participate in the Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,Instinctively feel that Fernandez is at best able to build a car that can reach the lower limit.,But after visiting this circle,Let him have a new understanding of Fernandez’s technical background:Ford alone、Chrysler、GM, an engineer from the three major U.S. auto giants,There are as many as15people!
Especially Fernandez,This guy’s accomplishments in automotive technology are simply unfathomable!
Nobuhiko Kawamoto no longer doubts whether Fernandez can use twoCBX1000Piece together oneVtype12Cylinder engine,This guy has the ability and level to be the chief engineer of any OEM,Kawamoto Nobuhiko who just returned to Chen Geng’s office,Raised my own question:Put the engines of two motorcycles together into oneV12engine,Still so crazy“Overclocking”,How to solve the problem of heat dissipation?
after all,CBX1000At the beginning of the design, the working environment in a closed engine room was not considered。