The two eyes meet,Silent,In the end, Yu Zhe forcefully grabbed the photo,And it was the moment he turned the photo to the front,A familiar face appeared on the small five-inch photo paper。

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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Seven,Assassination mission called rescue
how?Regret it?”
Li Hao watched Yu Zhe almost dropped the photo to the ground,I have basically guessed his mood,The tone is calm but uncomfortable。
“Doesn’t matter,She has nothing to do with me now,She and Maureen left me and left,If I could end her life personally,Isn’t it a revenge for her playing with my feelings?。”
Yu Zhe stuffed the photo into his pocket,Said nonchalantly。
“Hope when you meet her,I can maintain my current attitude。”
Li Hao didn’t grasp this point and kept asking,not much time,He must also arrange other things clearly,Just winked a few others,They nodded immediately,That they will stare at Yu Zhe。
The next step is to distribute weapons,Everyone can get a pistol、Two spare magazines、Dozens of bullets and a tactical straight knife。
That gun seems good,The eyes of the other people lit up the moment they got their hands,Fiddling over and over,Unfortunately, Yu Zhe only knows how to use it,I don’t know what model it is,Can’t see the good and bad at all,But the knife attracted him more。
He looked at the knife repeatedly,As a result, it was ridiculed by several other people again,They want to ridicule,But because of Li Hao’s presence,Dare not say much,Can only express their feelings with their eyes。
Yu Zhe didn’t take these people to heart,But I can’t focus on what I have,He can obviously remember that the knife came from a well-known brand,But I can’t remember the specific model,And the outline of this knife gradually blurred,Gradually in his eyes became a delicate dagger the size of a palm。
He will never forget that knife in his life,That was an important token that Shi Mu Luo gave him when he was in the old house,At that time, he also vowed to take it with him for the rest of his life,Don’t know why,It happened to be lost when the explosion happened.,I didn’t know it was picked up,Still damaged。