[Effect of Oolong Tea]_Oolong Tea_Benefits_Inevitable

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[Effect of Oolong Tea]_Oolong Tea_Benefits_Inevitable

Oolong tea is a kind of tea that everyone is familiar with, and it often overlaps in real life, but I don’t understand its efficacy.

Studies have found that oolong tea has great efficacy. If you stick to it properly for a long time, you can prevent teeth, anti-tumor, prevent and enhance the efficacy, and double the detoxification effect.

Did you drink oolong tea today?

1. To prevent tooth decay After a meal, a cup of tea can refresh the body and refresh the breath. Oolong tea also has the effect of preventing tooth decay.

The reason for the formation of tiny teeth is that bacteria invade the tooth tissue, and the enzymes that cause the teeth are generated inside the tissue. This enzyme decomposes the sugar contained in food and produces substances that corrode the teeth.

This substance that can erode the teeth and bacteria attach to the teeth to form tartar, and after accumulation, dental caries will occur.

The polyphenols contained in oolong tea have the effect of inhibiting the production of tartar enzymes, so after eating a cup of oolong tea can prevent tartar and damage the teeth.

Scientists have proven through long-term experiments that allowing white rats to consume feeds containing polyphenols will reduce the chance of residual teeth. If you do n’t have time to brush your teeth after a meal, a cup of oolong tea is also a good choice.

2, anti-tumor, prevent worsening effect Oolong tea has the effect of promoting the decomposition of trace amounts in the blood, can also reduce the content of cholesterol.

A 1994 foreign oolong tea efficacy test report pointed out that oolong tea has a very good effect on patients with hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

In particular, among the 68 patients with high snow pressure disease who participated in the trial, the blood pressure value decreased from 75% of the people after passing one stage of the test.

In addition, scientific research has not found that oolong tea leaves can completely replace the endogenous formation of nitrosin in the body and help prevent the effect of esophageal cancer.

At the same time, oolong tea has the same anti-aging effect as vitamin E.

In the case of taking sufficient amount of vitamin C daily, the combination of oolong tea can maintain a high level of vitamin C in the blood, reduce the discharge of vitamin C in the urine, and vitamin C has an anti-aging effect.

Therefore, available oolong tea can enhance the anti-aging ability of the human body in many ways.

In addition, oolong tea also has anti-tumor effects, enhances the activation of lymphocytes and NK cells, strengthens immune function, and prevents aging.

Experts have found that oolong tea polyphenols also have the effect of absorbing foreign bodies in the body and turning them out together.

3, double detoxification scientific evidence of black oolong tea can inhibit the absorption of 20% neutral aunt, the effect is amazing.

Those who have drunk black oolong tea have a smaller amount of excreted urine than those who have not drunk oolong tea.

Therefore, black oolong tea not only inhibits the absorption of adults, but also helps to double replace oil in the body, and has a magical double detoxification effect.

Black oolong tea combines the production methods of green tea and black tea. Its quality is between green tea and black tea.