The third season of Dialogue starts, and Liu Zhenyun, Baiyan Songmaweidu, etc. starts a touring speech

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The third season of “Dialogue” starts, and Liu Zhenyun, Baiyan Songmaweidu, etc. starts a touring speech
On May 16, the launching ceremony of the third season of “Dialogue” produced by Youku Humanities was held in Beijing Antiques.Guests of Dialogue, Fan Deng, founder of Fan Deng Reading, and other guests attended the event and launched an online dialogue with popular topics such as “The answers are in the book” and “Reading and eloquence.”It is reported that the new season of “Dialogue” will be released on Youku on May 21, when Bai Yansong, Ma Weidu, Shan Jixiang, Liu Zhenyun, Chen Luyu, Fan Deng, Ma Boyong, Wu Zhihong and others will start a new round of tour speeches.Different from ordinary humanities programs, “Dialogue” is a high-quality humanities program initiated by Bai Yansong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a well-known host, “Balance Education Resources, Focus on Youth Spiritual World.””Dialogue” is close to contemporary young students, and the style of face-to-face discussion on social hot topics has made it widely concerned by all walks of life as soon as it goes online.After the first episode was broadcast, I received warm invitations from teachers and students from more than ten universities. Bai Yansong, Jin Yinan, Li Changyu, Zhou Guoping, etc. Many cultural celebrities entered ordinary colleges and universities, instead of preaching and becoming young students,Share your own growth story, life experience and life wisdom.During the launching ceremony, Fan Deng, who had just finished his speech, also shared his reading experience with you.He said that the original intention of reading is to find a solution to the problem, just like the people who grow the land to read agricultural books.And through the continuous development of knowledge boundaries, we will find more unknown things, at this time we need to read deeper and deeper, otherwise we cannot do further speculation.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Xu Meilin proofreading He Yan