Lin Biao is not bad, and it is not a smile.:“Your move is a little,Don’t delay everyone’s time。”

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Mu Zizi also laughed:“Amin,I promise that this thing will not let your future wife know.。”
Su Seiming’s mouth smoked this special one, one is really a friend.。
He glared at the three:“That is,Learn more than one person,Is the brain not white??”
Blue Xin also knows,Su Sei Ming is actually in the face of so many people,He will not really fight Ai’an。
Gu An An is willing to die,But self-controlling her law。
She looked at everyone behind Gu An’an.,A Cheng Management Lu Yi Group,These people are not as good as before,Naturally, I will not give up a good break.。
This is what she thought before a few days ago.。
When A Cheng is in,Also buy stocks at a little bit,Just want the company to manage some。
She said with her tone:“Allocate,If you don’t agree with my president,I can’t say。
However, the business of the Branch of the Lu Group is just stable.,In the development phase,Profit prediction is not good,I am very dissatisfied with such a state.,I agree with you to transfer。
Our Lux Group ca n’tpret you。
Your transfer price,We will also purchase in the market price.。
If you don’t want anyone?,Can sue to solve。”
“How can this this?。”
A middle-aged woman looked at Blue Xin,“President,I have no objection,Just find me,Said that you have limited capacity,Can’t compete for the president,I am worried about my own interests.,I will shake it.,I agree with the Blue Director to serve as the president of the Lu Group.。”
Leave Lu,They all don’t want to live.。
And now the current business,Which company will have a profit of Lu??
There is an agreement.,One of them is hesitant。
But no one will go with money.。
“you”Gu Anan looked at them a look loose,I am angry looking at them.。
“President,We also agree,Congratulations。”
Just say that people who disagree,At this time suddenly,Agree with Blue Xin。
“President,We also agree。”
“We also agree。”
At the end,Only by Gu An An is not talking.。
Blue Xin looked at her,“Gu Anan,You hold a percent of ten percent of the shares,The other 5% of the shares are unknown,Our company’s legal department is under investigation,I will soon there will be results.。”
“What did you say?
How could it be unknown?。
Blue Xin,Don’t tell you,You do this,But should be legally responsible。”
Gu An Anqi,That one percent shares,How can there be a problem?。
Blue Xin laughs:“No problem isn’t it better??
What are you angry??”