What should I pay attention to when pneumonia usually?

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What should I pay attention to when pneumonia usually?

The harm caused by pneumonia is very big. Patients with pneumonia should think about timely treatment of pneumonia. When someone is attacked by pneumonia, pneumonia patients should not suffer from pneumonia because of the current stress of life.What should I pay attention to when preventing pneumonia?

How to prevent pneumonia from how to nurse.

Precautions for the prevention of pneumonia 1. Prevention of colds, control of respiratory infections and colds can cause acute episodes of “old chronic support”, causing seizures.

When the weather changes, the clothes should be added or removed in time; in winter and spring, there are not many people, and they should not be in contact with patients with colds; when the weather changes, some cold medicines can be taken first to prevent them.

If you have sore throat, itchy throat, cough and other symptoms, choose general antibiotic treatment.

2, should be light diet, avoid fat and thick food pneumonia patients diet should be light, causing obesity, can not eat allergic food; and become “old slow support” patients, do not eat greasy food.

Usually, you should eat green food such as green vegetables to clear the lungs and relieve phlegm, so as to relieve the airway obstruction, so that the symptoms of pneumonia can be alleviated.

3, avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy food smoking can cause old chronic support, acute symptoms, and the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is more than non-smokers.

Drinking gradually increased cough and induced an interventional episode.

Pneumonia patients should take the initiative to quit smoking, avoid alcohol, family members should also promptly remind and intervene in supervision.

4, the environment is appropriate, fresh air, labor and moderate pneumonia patients due to ventilatory function and ventilation function damage, there are varying degrees of hypoxia, especially after the activity of hypoxia.

Therefore, the patient’s living conditions and working environment should be warm and comfortable, the air should be fresh, and the doors and windows should be open to the sun.

Whether the chamber is a negative oxygen ion generator or a humidifier can be used.

Due to the increased oxygen consumption of blood pressure, the hypoxia of patients with pneumonia is aggravated. Therefore, patients with pneumonia should avoid acute and heavy physical labor. Patients with severe pneumonia need frequent oxygen inhalation. Oxygen bags or oxygen cylinders are required at home.

If you have a pulmonary heart disease, it is best to be hospitalized.

The harm of pneumonia is only increasing. Pneumonia patients are sometimes overwhelmed by pneumonia, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Here, I wish the patient a speedy recovery and a healthy life!