Home Alone starring McCauley joins the tenth season of American Horror Story

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“Home Alone” starring McCauley joins the tenth season of “American Horror Story”
On February 27, the tenth season of the popular American drama “American Horror Story” officially released the latest list of actors by video.Cathy Bates, “Quick Silver” Ivan Peters, “Banana Sister” Sarah Paulson and many other familiar faces will return, starring “Home Alone”, now 40-year-old Macquarie KarlJin will join as a new member.The play is scheduled to be launched in September this year.McCauly Calkin’s picture is from the Internet “American Horror Story” directed by Ryan Murphy, starring Ivan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, etc., on October 5, 2011It premiered on the US cable TV network FX.Since its airing, the play has won many awards, including sixteen Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.”American Horror Story” is currently broadcast in 9 seasons. Seasons 8 and 9 are “Apocalypse” and “1984” respectively. The theme of season 10 has not yet been announced.There have been speculations that “American Horror Story” may end in 10 seasons, but FX announced in January this year that it will renew 3 seasons, meaning that the show will have at least 13 seasons.Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yang Lianjie