I pray that God will make me develop, but God has always made me happy.

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I pray that God will make me develop, but God has always made me happy.

If a fat man practices yoga every day, after three months, he will become a soft fat man.

The same reason: If a fat man moves every day, he will become a healthy fat man; if a fat man goes on a diet every day, he will become a weak fat man; if a fat man hunger strikes, then he becomes a dead fat man.

Several types of fat “can eat and fat” are the more people who can eat more fat, fat rather than fat, and are often found in young people who are at an early stage of development and have a good appetite.

Their fat is relatively strong, the main reason is excessive diet.

This should not be considered a disease. It is only necessary to control the appetite and strengthen the exercise.

Usually it can be eaten and thin, or although it is eaten less, people are very fat.

Both of these conditions are clearly morbid.

“Less food and fat type” is the kind of person we say “drinking cold water and long meat.”

This is a typical temper, and it is probably the future of a girl who eats steak instead of fat.

In addition to “less food and fat”, this kind of person has a characteristic of muscle weakness.

The so-called “fat and limbs do not lift” is that although fat, but not more muscles, rather than amateur, so exercise is still weak, their spleen and obesity are caused by overwork.

This kind of overwork is mainly due to the hard work and worry.

In the five elements of Chinese medicine, the fire is born, and the fire corresponds to the heart, and the soil corresponds to the spleen.

The heart is consumed too much, naturally unable to grow, and the temper is weak.

This is also the reason why the literati in the past, the current intellectuals give more impressions of the spleen of “the power of hands-free chickens”, their spleen is caused by the excessive use of the brain and the mentality caused by too much thought.

The temper is spleen, the metabolic ability is weak, and the “dirty things” that should be consumed if unfortunately are stopped in the body. Li Dongyu calls it “the evil spirits.”

This kind of “dirty thing” staying in the human body, the Chinese medicine is called “dampness”, so people who eat less but also fat, generally have dampness in the body, need to remove the spleen and remove the dampness to lose weight.

The “over-expansion” caused by the temperament of “over-expansion” is the most common today.

In a busy situation, the average person is incapable of taking care of his mouth, catching what he eats, and filling his stomach, naturally can not adapt to the discretionary diet, and can not attend to the temperance, thus increasing the degree of excessive.

Some people are not fat, but they found a liver when they were examined. Everyone joked that his only cockroaches still grow on the liver.

This kind of situation is more common in people who stay up late and work night shifts. Even if they don’t have the habit of eating supper, even the moment of eating nightingale is very low, but it is still inevitable that they will gain weight or have unfortunate liver.

People who are “over-expanded” are always unsuccessful in losing weight, because the problem of “temper spleen deficiency” cannot be improved by simply dieting and diarrhea.

Dieting and diarrhea will even aggravate the symptoms of spleen qi deficiency, so their weight loss is always effective, and soon the effect is not obvious, or the weight is easy to bounce back.

After all, we have to eliminate the root cause of excessive spleen and qi deficiency, not a matter of overnight.

Edema-type obesity, also known as “too much phlegm”, is also said to be “lower body fat” people.

This is due to the poor drainage function of the body, and the excess water is accumulated in the body.

Main performance: appetite is general, hands and feet are weak; do not like sports; after eating, the body is soft and wants to lie down; the mouth is sticky; the urine is unreasonable; the bad stomach is easy; the eye is swollen in the morning.

Neither want to exercise a lot, nor want to diet.

How can I lose weight?

Japanese medical doctors believe that compared to harsh diet management and acute exercise, do not put too much pressure on themselves, the walking-based slimming method is more effective for people who lose weight.

The disadvantages of the initial movement do not know the limits of their own. Many people do not know how much their body’s ability to withstand when they exercise, including the extent of these vertical movements on the impact of impact, foot and other parts.

If you feel as if you are stubborn and uncomfortable, you will be able to exercise yourself. It is very likely that your body will be in an anaerobic state. This is not conducive to unfortunate burning.

It is easy to get into extreme extremes of exercise or exercise, and it is definitely a big injury to the body.

Both athletes and ordinary gymnasts, especially those who need to lose weight, should have a reasonable amount of exercise. If the exercise is unlawful and does not know how to stop, sometimes it will be half the effort and surrounded by extremes.

In the case of overeating after exercise, axial movement will consume the glycogen stored in the muscles, and the sugar will gradually decrease after consumption. The result of fasting will lead to more appetite.


After one exercise, it will increase the denaturation of absorption, but it will become fatter.

In contrast, commuting or shopping such activities are mostly walking, so they can consume a small amount, because such activities will not let blood sugar drop, so it will not increase appetite.Walking to lose weight and other light exercise advantages bring a small walk is a moderate exercise, do not need too much stamina, as long as you continue to walk every day to achieve weight loss, for those who are busy with work, nothingStress, especially office workers.

People who are easy to complete most obesity often do not walk often, but walking is indeed one of the easiest ways to overcome excessive.

You don’t need to exercise so hard, you can burn calories as long as you increase the amount of activity in your daily life.

The fat burning efficiency is not low. For example, a person who weighs 60 kilograms walks for about 4 kilometers in an hour, and consumes about 249 calories.

If you want to burn a pound of aunt, you need to consume about 3,500 calories.

Ways to walk to lose weight 1

Two hours after dinner, you will lose weight quickly.

First of all, speed is critical, you can choose to go 1 in 12 minutes.

After 5 kilometers of speed, 4 kilometers, and then walk at normal speed for 10 minutes, to recover, then walk 4 kilometers at this speed, and then walk at normal speed for 10 minutes, and so on.

You can also maintain a quick walk from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, or take a brisk walk.

The speed is maintained at 120 to 140 steps per minute.


Walking can be done anytime, anywhere.

Walking can be done anytime, anywhere, but it is not always the same.

For those who want to lose weight, the best time is two hours after dinner.

Because the aunt increased to the maximum at this time, then walking is easier to lose fat.


Keep the total amount of time unchanged.

If time is limited, it is also possible to spread the concentrated walking from 30 minutes to 1 hour to each discrete time period, but keep the total amount of time constant.


The distance each time you walk.

The distance between each walk is about 5 to 10 kilometers.

You can also reach this level gradually according to your own situation.

The faster the speed, the better the effect, but to do what you can, you can gradually increase the requirements and speed according to your physical condition.

Pay attention to the increase in volume, do not run away.

According to their own situation, step by step into the expensive and insist on.


Keep walking every day.

If you insist on walking like this for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day, 2?
You can see the effect after 3 months.

Moreover, according to Harvard University research, if you walk for 30 minutes every day, you can achieve the magical effect of losing weight and prolonging life.


Walk in thin clothes.

In order to lose weight, you will walk in sweaty clothes, and when you walk sweaty, you will feel the effect of burning.

After the walk, the weight standing person said it, the weight did ease, so I thought I was thin.

However, this way of walking will have the opposite effect.

  If you walk in sweaty clothes or heavy clothes, you will walk away and your body temperature will rise and you will feel hot.

This is the body temperature regulation center will start to operate, so that the body temperature drops.

As a result, despite the excessive sweat, the weight was reduced, but the water was lost, not burning to the guy. After walking, drinking water, and immediately restored the original weight, so try not to wear when walking.It’s too heavy.

Walking to lose weight also requires a diet 1 .

Arrange three meals reasonably.Breakfast only eats high-fiber cereals, low-fat fresh milk, and drinks tea after meals every day. It not only helps defecation and health to eliminate misfortune, but also does not prevent the replacement of nutritious health. As for meat and seafood, it is reserved for Chinese food. Dinner can beEat light, vegetable meat fiber to account for the majority.


Relatively half an hour after a meal.

In fact, the biggest reason for women to gain weight is negligence. Because of the busy work and study, there is no time to rationally allocate life and arrange their own diet.

At least half an hour a year after a meal, you can avoid the trouble of a small amount of siltation on the small stomach, and save the aftermath.


Fasting 2 hours before going to bed.

A big bogey to lose weight is to eat before going to bed.

When you sleep, your body doesn’t need to exercise, and all the things you eat will be absorbed by the body and become hoarding.