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text Chapter One Hundred and Sixty One EOVContest
? When the Jiang brothers and sisters heard that Lu Menglin and Zhu Kunzhu became good friends,So good that only the news of bowing,The two siblings were so shocked that their jaws were about to fall。
That guy Zhu Kun’s temper is notoriously bad in the circle,No one can squeeze his hair,Who would have thought of not getting acquainted with Lu Menglin?,Actually became good friends。
“I knew I didn’t need to transfer Liu Yi from the barracks.。Made me worry for nothing。”Jiang Jinghong shook his head and smiled seemingly annoyed。
Jiang Jingchuan nodded,Wry smile:“That guy’s path is too wild,Who can think of him, even Zhu Kun can subdue him,This is too illogical!”
“And the share of the deep blue game,Little sister!Do you really want to take it?”Jiang Jingchuan frowned,Asked。
“Take it!Pocket money,Why not take?”Jiang Jinghong knows what brother wants to say,But deliberately pretended to be confused。
Jiang Jingchuan shook his head:“Don’t play stupid with me!Tell the truth to brother,Do you like that kid?How else can you treat him so well??”
“brother,What are you talking about?Is your sister so superficial??”Jiang Jinghong pretended to be angry。
Jiang Jingchuan said with his fingers:“Look!First, the relationship brought Liu Yi out to help him,And then took the shares from him,Borrow his Jiang family’s sign,What else will happen,You will definitely help him,I was right?”
Jiang Jinghong shook his head and smiled:“brother,You are too stingy!Men have to be broad-minded!Lu Menglin is a smart man who can do things,I admire him。And he is about our age,Already have this ability,Don’t you expect him to change?”
“I just want to see,Let’s borrow him,Can he burn Chibi?,Mijuro。”
“Do not worry!I won’t like him,It’s almost the same unless you take him!Miss Ben snaps her fingers,Let him persuade him,Bow down,Brother what do you think?Unhappy?”Jiang Jinghong with hands on hips,Unknowingly enter the brain to make up time,I laughed happily。
Jiang Jingchuan is helpless with this sister,Had to smile wryly:“Forget it,I can’t tell you anyway。Do it yourself!Remember,Can go to a foreign competition,Don’t make trouble!”
“know,Got it!Jiang Jingchuan,Don’t you trust me?”Jiang Jinghong shouted impatiently。
Going abroad soon,Lu Menglin with the child,Practice the King of Fighters every day in Deep Blue Game City97,Strive for the best。
Liu Yi did not leave,But stay with them,This time he worked out the mission,And this task is to accompany Lu Menglin and his party,Protect themEOVContest。