Means of,Internal work will degenerate the Tuna method of returning to the year……The human mood is also related to the outside world.……Disgusting,It is better to carry several physical formulas……The practice will also return to nutrition exercise——Mechanism,It will be disconnected。

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Exercise fist,Not a speed、strength、Joint hit……
certainly,It may also be other reactions,However, the Chu Deirers are speculative——Just like the world before the Chu defender,I don’t see scientists because of understanding the rules of the world.,What is the great strength?。
Chu Dee people also speculate,this process,It should be step-by-step。
To some extent,This can also explain,Why《Herk passenger》The elderly,Appetite。
original《Herk passenger》It is in Zhang Sanfeng“the late”Era,That is, at least in the middle and late Ming Dynasty。
Zhang Sanfeng was known as“Contains a big master”,During the heavens, the martial arts,It is not impossible to say that。
At least《Herk passenger》Martial arts level,Even if you don’t see the super-specific Heroes Island、Dog hybrid,At least no difference in heaven,The performance of Heroes and Dog Hybrids is even unconventional.、Superwood……
But after this,The martial arts level of Jin Yong World,Last way。
The world of the big rivers and lakes,Use a thorough understanding,To end the heterogenesis of the Heroes Island,Maybe?——The Chu Deiren has a guess in his heart.。
Perhaps this is not bad?
Chu Deiren flashed like this——Everyone will not be martial arts,Four reserves are more equal equality?
Anyway, it will not appear from this generation.……
But this idea,Also just a flash。
From the perspective of ordinary people,True pressure is still from the landlord hometown,What is the martial arts?。
The most shameless martial arts,Nothing is just like Feng Tiannan、Like Wan Zhen Mountain、Like Ling to refuse,That is“Actually badly like the landlord、squire、Dog official is as bad”……
I thought that no one would martial arts,Can be peaceful in the world,There is no too much.。
So the Chu Deiren chose different ways——Second!
Longmu Er Isle and Chu Deirers,Divority,This is already intended,But just at this time,Chu Deirers’ painting faintness is another change。
If the surroundings are just in the consciousness of the Chu Deirers,What is the star?、What Edo,So now……This image really turns out!
Longmu Er Island is also able to“Look”arrive……
at this time,Chu Deman suddenly appeared“flaw”,It is actually a pair of pacific launches.,It seems to be able to fight with Longmu Er Isles?
Longmu Er Island is in the case of a machine,I am so busy.……
However, I saw the veraintic star in the air.,Then the meridians corresponding to the Chu Deirers、Acupoint road is also a flash!
Dragon Wood Er Island,Chu Deman soul out of the general spread out a spirit,Conformo with void……
at the same time,A Pei Ran vigorously flies to the two,This moment is the whole knight island,It seems to help Chu Deirers,In an instant, the Longmu Er Island is shocking out.!
And Chu Deirens originally calm eyes,Gradually gain,And the veins flashing in the void,At this time, it is like being“Dragon”——Open a pair of calm eyes。
Chapter 966 Donate but not completely donate
Chu Deirers will travel through their own“Plug-in”……Donate,But did not completely donate。
In order to ensure the removal of the heaven and earth,Chu Deirers can be described as helping the horse、I sent another way again.。
Be right,Chu Deman’s Tag,and“Plug-in”Donate together!
Originally at the main point of interest with Longmu Er Isles,Tagen is already in savings,At the end of the last,Troad breakthrough,At the same time, I also donated by the Chu Deirers.……