“Ok,This is like a human word!You are profound?Then I ask you,Do you know someone named Lu Menglin?”Qizhi thought for a while,Suddenly said。

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“what?”Lu Menglin was asked so by him,Stunned。
Zhu Xiaoguang opened his mouth next to him,Said:“Of course know!Isn’t he standing there with you?”
The voice has not fallen,Xiaoqu turned his head and stared fiercely,Scared Zhu Xiaoguang shut up immediately,Self-knowledge。
I don’t know if the opponent is an enemy or a friend,Suddenly asked about the three words Lu Menglin,It’s really disturbing。
“You are Lu Menglin?”Qizhi’s eyes suddenly became brighter,Keep an eye on Lu Menglin Dao。
Lu Menglin knew that denial would not pass,Simply nodded generously,Smiled:“Ok,I am Lu Menglin,you know me?”
“Haha!You are Lu Menglin?Long Yang Long Yang,How about this,The irrelevant get out first!You stay,How about we talk alone?”Qizhi talks a turn,Hehe smiled。
Xiaoqu felt something was wrong for the first time,I don’t know what the other party is trying,Shouted:“I do not go!”
“What about you?You poor students,No need to get involved in this kind of thing to die,Go all out!”Qizhi yelled at Zhu Xiaoguang and the others。
Zhu Xiaoguang was stunned by his roar,I almost confessed。If this is in their hometown,Facing such a big battle,What’s wrong with him, Lao Zhu,Lord is qualified!
Liu Taosheng has red eyes,Exhausted the yelling voice:“I do not go!Lu Menglin won’t leave,I won’t go!This is my business,I’m not going to die!”