Audience friends!Audience friends,I must solemnly introduce one thing to you,According to the information,Before13The drivers of car number one have never participated in any professional car race,No one thought13The number driver actually rushed to the forefront from the beginning……

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Now it’s the home-made car race of the Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,Before the start,Bookmakers13The odds for the number one car once reached1:10.2,This is the highest odds of this Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,It is said that13Rider bet20Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The bookmaker lost money this time……”
The narrator’s voice is full of passion,The bad luck to the gaming company is full of gloat:1:9.5The odds,20Ten thousand dollars bet,13The driver number is about to cut a piece of meat from the bookmaker.,This is really nice……
Accompanied by the passionate commentary of the commentator,The people at Honda Tech are crazy,Their biggest wish is that Fernandez can enter the top three,But now it seems,Fernandez has a great chance of winning the championship!For Honda, which regards the U.S. market as a strategic fulcrum for the future,If Fernandez can win the self-made car in the Detroit Tuned Car Grand Prix,Help for Honda Motor Co., Ltd. to develop the American market,Effect than flower100Million dollars to advertise is much better!
Only people from Harrah’s Entertainment Company are unhappy,Watching the little potato-like racing car of the leading Fernandez on TV,Face black like the bottom of a pot。
Mirren had forgotten how he was hesitant when he bet before,Fists frantically at the TV,A face that has already screamed red and red:“boss,Come on!Come on!Don’t have a chance with those idiots!”
When Chen Geng’s13The number one raced across the finish line,The booth of Fernandez, who had been watching the live TV screen, instantly boiled,The employees raised their arms and yelled in excitement:Although Mr. Fernandez led the way after half the game,But so intense、A game of masters like clouds,No one can guarantee that Mr. Fernandez will win until the end,but now,bossThe car I drove crossed the finish line first,This game isbossWon!
Mirren suddenly screamed:“Had knownbossHas such great driving skills,I should have paid for it myself。”
He changed his mind1000Chen Geng helped out the dollar,As agreed in advance,Lose him,I’ll give him half of the money……
Haven’t arrived at my company’s booth,Chen Geng saw Honda Takuji, head of Honda North America of Honda Technology Co., Ltd., walking quickly to usher with a face that almost broke into laughter.:“Chen Jun,congratulations。”
“you are welcome,”See Takuji Yamada,Chen Geng is also very happy,He asked honestly:“Mr. Yamada,Can the agreement we reached before be fulfilled??”
Yamada Takuji didn’t expect Chen Geng to be so direct,Suddenly froze,But then nodded:“of course,We have an agreement,The authorization of the engine has been officially activated the moment you win the championship.,As for the sponsorship,I promise to pay in place within three days。Mr. Fernandez,About your carX-bo……”
“Mr. Yamada,”Chen Geng interrupted Yamada Takuji,Pointed at the one behind him、Own employees,Smiled:“This is not the time to talk about these things,I need to celebrate with my staff,and so……”
Takuji Yamada is a bit sorry,He was going to talk to Chen Geng about that carX-boof,But Chen Geng’s reason is very powerful,Now he won the championship,I need to celebrate with my employees,Yamada Takuji can’t say anything,Nodded:“of course,Then we will talk tomorrow。”
Nodded apologetically to Takuji Yamada,Chen Geng announced loudly to the incoming employees:“Gentlemen,To celebrate we won the championship,We have a big meal tonight!”
“Long live!”
“bossLong live!”