The foot power of the car is naturally incomparable to this luxury car。Xia Jian drove the car quickly onto the highway。Xia Fei rubbed her eyes and said:”Ouch!Why forgot,You should rest and drive“

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“Nothing,Didn’t I sleep for a while??”Xia Jian said,I turned on the car music。Such a great morning,You must not ruin everyone’s good mood just because of what happened just now。
Gu Yue patted Chen Jing on the shoulder and said:“Little girl,You have to take care of your wayward problems,Had it not been for Mr. Xia’s response just now,,Now we may be torn by some old man”
“cut!Is it so exaggerated!Don’t we have two of us who can fight?I’m afraid they won’t work with some bad old men。Moreover,We are not bothersome,You shouldn’t forget it!Our nickname is Thunderbolt Shuangsha“Chen Jing finished,I laughed out loud。
Gu Yue didn’t speak anymore,But quietly listening to what is playing in the car“The past is like wind“。This travel law gives Xia Jian a feeling of going back to the past。
Fast all the way,Xia Jian drove for more than four hours in one breath,Everyone rested in the service area,Xia Fei said nothing to let Xia Jian drive again。
“All right,Chen Jing will drive Xia Fei two or three hours later,Check in and rest in the hotel at four or five in the afternoon,The rest of the journey tomorrow morning,We will arrive at the tourist destination at noon“Gu Yue immediately arranged the next task。
Xia Jianyi listen,I can rest for such a long time,He can just look outside,Actually driving along the way,Itself is a process of tourism。
Xia Fei is naturally not slow in driving,Watching her drive very much,It’s like taking a walk。Xia Fei and Gu Yue sit in the front row。Maybe Gu Yue thought that the person picking up Xia Fei was Chen Jing,So let her take a rest in advance。
When Xia Jian was looking out the car window,Chen Jing patted his shoulder gently and said:“Hey!stop looking,What’s so good about this,The highway is either a mountain or a bridge,I ran in some desolate places“
“I like to watch these,Because i am from the countryside“Xia Jian said very frankly。
Chen Jing said:“I thought you were usGZof,I didn’t expect to be a foreign monk,No wonder you are good at chanting“Chen Jing said,Haha laughed。
“What monk Taoist’s,What will i read?“Xia Jian asked haha。
Chen Jing snorted coldly:“You can’t chant?Gu Yue, a small company was made by you?And I haven’t used any of Yunmao Group’s money,This is a big deal。More!I heard that there are a lot of women around you,So you can not only recite sutras,And will control women”
Xia Jian sounded quite comfortable with the previous words,But the latter words sound a bit derogatory,What is a girl?This is the first time he heard such words。
“Not as powerful as you said”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Gu Yue turned around,Asking Chen Jing with a smile:“You are quite clear about our investigation of Mr. Xia’s affairs,What do you mean,Don’t guard against speaking straight,Maybe I can help you”