In the last 3 rounds of Evergrande’s schedule, Guoan and Luneng can overcome the devil?

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In the last 3 rounds of Evergrande’s schedule, Guoan and Luneng can overcome the “devil”?
Wang Gang is Guoan’s right-side offensive engine.Sauna, Ye Wang Wujiang photo Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) The last three rounds of the Chinese Super League are the sprint stage of the championship. In addition to the points behind, the schedule is also a bit disadvantageous for Guoan.After returning for a short period of time, Genesio’s team ushered in two consecutive customers, namely Shenhua on November 22 and R & F on November 27.It wasn’t until the league ended on December 1st that the Guoan team returned to the work to fight against the old opponent Shandong Luneng.Let’s take a look at the two rivals Evergrande and Shanghai Port.Because of having two home courts, Evergrande’s last three rounds have only certain advantages. Their home opponents are Shanghai Shanggang and Shanghai Shenhua. The only away game is the 29th round of challenging China Huabei in Hebei.In addition to the away game between Hong Kong and Evergrande, Shanghai and Hong Kong will play another two rounds against Beijing Renhe against Shenzhen Jiazhaoye at home.Augusto dribbled the ball.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang She Shenhua is now ranked 11th and R & F is ranked 13th. These two opponents are basically worry-free, but Guoan ‘s last home at Tianjin TEDA has already seen the team showing no desireOut of the competitive state.The final round of confrontation with Luneng is even more crucial.The last time the “Forest Army” defeated Luneng had to return to May 29, 2016, when Xie Feng led his team to win away.After that, the Guoan team struggled with this old opponent.Schmidt ‘s team overtook Luneng to win the FA Cup last season, and also had an away scoring advantage instead of winning points at the game.It is worth mentioning that since 2016, Guoan has not defeated Luneng at home (1 to 2 defeat at home in 2016, 2 to 2 draw at home in 2017, 1 to 1 at home in 2018), if thisIn the season, the suspense of the championship is maintained until the final round of the final battle. Luneng, whether Genesio can lead the team to overcome the “heart demon” will be fatal.