AFC Champions League semifinal meets Chinese Super League nemesis, Evergrande’s primary goal is to break the curse

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AFC Champions League semifinal meets Chinese Super League nemesis, Evergrande’s primary goal is to “break the curse”
At 6:30 tomorrow night Beijing time, Guangzhou Evergrande will compete with the Puhe Red Diamonds in the first round of the AFC semifinals.At today’s pre-match press conference, Evergrande coach Cannavaro kept a low profile character, “We want to score achievements, and don’t lose the ball away.”Canavaroro was very low-key before the game.Figure / Vision China has never been Guangzhou Evergrande or Puhe Red Diamonds. The AFC semifinals are regarded as the “Decisive Battle”: In the two Super League matches in September, Evergrande scored 1 to 3 and 01 Loss to Jiangsu Suning and Wuhan Zall, with only 1 point left in the lead of the standings; Urawa Red Diamonds has not won in the last 10 games. Both the UFJ Cup and the Mikado Cup are out, and the league ranking is in the relegation zone.For this game, Evergrande coach Cannavaro ‘s expression before the game was relatively low-key, “In the difficult situation at the beginning of the league, many people may not think that we will come to this step, so now the team should enjoy the game.”Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shanggang both fell to Urawa in the AFC Champions League this season. Evergrande has never won Urawa on the road before, and this Japanese team was also” cursed “by most Chinese Super League teams.The Italians believe that “they compete very strongly in the AFC Champions League and have won the AFC Champions League twice. Although their progress in the league is not going well, the league is very different from the AFC Champions League.We have learned the technical characteristics of several key players of the opponent, and we must also develop our own characteristics.”Canavaroro admits that he is looking forward to the AFC semifinals, but tomorrow’s end of the game is to ensure that the goal is not lost,” the away score is very important to us, so the team must ensure that the goal is not lost in the case of achievements.”Uraho Red Diamonds, who maintained their record superiority to the Chinese Super League team, also dared not look down on Evergrande. The coach of the team, Da Jiyi, said:” The three Chinese Super League teams have different styles of play, but their common denominator is that theyStrong foreign aid.We will make every preparation and hope to give fans a victory.”