Everyone’s eyes are on the hammer in the fancy hand,It seems that this hammer is the same as all the hopes of the battle.!

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Tianzi Li took a sigh of breath,Pull up a big hammer,狠 砸 on the mound。
Andobi and others present at the scene last night,Surprised color。Because it is obvious,Tianzi Li this time,It can be much most comparable last night.,The result is actually just being smashed.,There is no big fragmentation in the corner of the mound.。
Um,Sure enough, you can’t watered it once.,Before I have to refrigerate,Continuous watering several times,Let the water ode into the sand,It is best to have an ice outside.,This is more stable.!
“Don’t stop,Continue to smash!”
Gao Bo Yi urged a sentence。
Tianzi Li began to put the sledgehammer to continue the land。It is disappointing,After a few times,One corner of square mound,Still being smashed out of the gap。
“not bad,You also tried watering during the day.,Don’t water water at a time,Every time you have a record。By night,Try the effect with a hammer。”
I can tell,Watering twice,Watering it once,It is much more effective.。certainly,The intensity is still very reluctant,So still repeated test,Find the best“Craft”。
Rapidly built“New city”,Not only the wall must be strong,And the surface is also sufficiently smooth,In this way, you can put the Jinyang Liu Town army pit don’t want!
I think of here,Gao Bao can’t help but show a smile,He said Yang Su:“Look,This time your big work is can’t run.,This matter is handed over to you.,Including things to build a city behind,Are responsible for you!
Since you have to do,You have to do it well,Successful,All credits are yours,Failed,You can’t resent others,Is not it?”
Gao Bao smiled and patted Yang Su’s shoulder,Turned and left,He also wants to confirm an important thing!
NS1001chapter nothing is impossible(3)
The huge hammer is designed to water and the sand and sandstacks.“City wall”Sample,Ice slag splash!
Although it is not a solid rock,But damaged is not big,It looks very strong。
“Yang Changshi,This is still satisfied?”
Tianzi is throwing a hammer,Panting。This is not his first time to pick up the hammer.“Ice wall”NS,only,The first few effects are uncomfortable,Only this time,The effect is the best。
“really,No wood is still not。”
Yang Su muttered。
I didn’t add wood in the top a few times.,Make a hammer,The main structure is shocked.。And this time I joined a wooden strip in the earth.。
However, the effect is comparable to immediate。
“You continue to try it here.,I am going to find the Lord.。”
Yang Su lost the Tianzi Li,Running in a hurry。
When he found Gao Baoyi,Already a Shenmei Army Camp outside Fuyang City,Here has become a big site,10,000 assistants who have been in the army,The hard work in a busy assembly box!
This batch of hard parts,Divided into iron parts and wood。The iron piece is the workshop of Yucheng,And the wood is in place,On-site manufacturing。Key components and small wooden parts,It’s all ready in advance.。
Otherwise so many things,Also transport grain,The box car belt will not use it at all.。
When the water is the battle,Duan Zhao believes that Gao Baoyi will use a box of car array to help the river,Famous“Moon”,Come to defend him Jincheng Six Town。
But the Gao Bao is not biased out of the box.。
This time,When Duan Zhao believes that Gao Biyi will completely rely on the defense of the base,This guy who is not in accordance with regular,But to seriously play the box of the box.!
certainly,Unexpectedly,Can only be said to add points to the battle,But if you want to win,Don’t come up with true skills.。
“Ice wall,nailed it?”
Gao Boyi saw Yang Suqi Shen Shen,Slightly a little surprised。He remembers yesterday.,Yang Su is still like hot pot ants,How come it is a good time today.?
Yang Su will pull the Gao Bao to one side,Then quietly say:“Key place,It must be stuffed into the wood in the earth.。”
Is this a toughness of wood??
Gao Boi nodded,Sure there is so much reason。certainly,Ice wall does not need to be too thick and strong,You can add some branches to something, try it.。
“I will give you two thousand assistants.,Let them help you prepare wood。Start tomorrow,You will build a city in the north of Fuyang.。”